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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive and their answers, all gathered in one place.
Do I need to spend a lot of time to set up Walter?

Not at all. With our unique use of AI to ingest documents, you can set up tutoring and assessments in minutes.

Do I need to know programming to use the AI-powered learning platform?
No, we focus on ease of use so that anybody can set up Walter, our AI-powered teaching assistant.
Who owns the content I put on Walter?
You do! Ownership of content remains with you.
How secure is Walter?
We understand that data privacy and security is of utmost importance. As such, we put in place strict security standards to protect your content and your user data.
Will your AI tutor replace the role of teachers?

Definitely not! Walter's purpose is not to replace the role of teachers but to complement the educator, empowering them to provide an engaging learning experience for their students. AI is implemented practically while teachers are always kept in the loop throughout the learning process.

What is the difference between Walter and ChatGPT?

Walter is purpose-built for education, while ChatGPT is meant for general use. ChatGPT's aim is to focus on the use of conversational AI to replace existing search engines away. Currently, ChatGPT offers a disclaimer when you open up their web page saying that the tool may 1) occasionally generate incorrect information, 2) occasionally produce harmful instructions or content, and 3) offer limited knowledge of the world and events after 2021.

On the other hand, Walter provides 
contextualised AI tutoring, grading and feedback using a conversational interface. What this means is that all tutoring and information provided by Walter has been curated by you!