As INSTANT as a cup of noodles.

We believe that technology is for improving lives.

Chatting should be simple. Chatbots are widely used today, but the process of setting up chatbots can be very time-consuming.

There isn't always time or money to hire more employees or create more work processes.

As tech junkies, we are always striving to leverage technology to make things better. That's why we created Noodle Factory, an instant chatbot platform.

Meet Our Team


Yvonne Soh
Queen of bright ideas. Martial arts and Tech junkie. Crazy dog lady.

Jim Wagstaff
King of Discovery. Teacher of Skills. Lover of Wine.

Abraar Syed
VP - Engineering
Prodigy of Versatility. Maestro of Communication & Speech. Lover of Food & Humour.
Felicia Tee
Business Dev. Manager

Purple fanatic. Loves nature. Recovering milk tea addict.

Thirafi Raudy
AI Developer

AI Enthusiast. Life Traveller. Risk Taker.

UX Designer/Developer
Aesthete. Dance and music lover. Cat person.
Jenny Chew
Office Manager
Crochet lover. Music for life. Peace and quiet seeker.

Chief Canine Officer

Bossy by nature. Food lover. Tricks expert.

Canine Intern

Social butterfly. Parkour expert. Hyperactive.


“Getting your users' questions answered quickly and accurately is hard work, but it’s not magic. It requires in-depth knowledge, perception, and context...exactly the areas where we are strong and getting stronger every day.”

Jim Wagstaff