Adult Learning Optimised

Boost productivity at work by automating repetitive training tasks.


of workforce are required to work from home at least twice a week


Adult Learning Will Mostly Be Held Online

With business leaders realising the benefits of work-from-home arrangements, they also realise the online education is way faster to deploy, is more effective and more affordable than in-person training sessions.

we don't replace existing systems

We Optimise Workflows

No need to worry about revamping entire learning ecosystems. Our AI-Powered teaching assistants are designed to integrate with your Learning Management Systems (LMS) and e-learning platforms.

Using Microsoft Teams to communicate with students and the teaching faculty? Optimise Teams further by integrating your AI-Powered assistants into the platform.

meet winnie

Your Onboarding Specialist

Built with a unique AI engine, Winnie is great at…

She loves engaging with old and new staff to provide them with career-oriented learning.


What Can Winnie Do?

Virtual Mentor

Just-In-Time Learning: Ask what you need when you need it and Winnie delivers.
Reinforce Learning: Chat anytime and anywhere to review information.

Onboarding Specialist

Onboarding:Excellent at providing consistent onboarding experience.

Support Helpdesk

Admin Support: Lead the communication on workplace policies.

Information Manager

Information Management: Highly competent in organising information sources for ease of retrieval.

Learning Can Get Smarter

while you're taking a break



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