AI for Education

Higher Education is not what it used to be. Online learning is the new normal.

Imagine being able to automate answering FAQs, marking assessments, tutoring and coaching – all with the click of a button.

Harness the power of our super chatbots and empower learners with the gift of knowledge. 

With Noodle Factory, you can enjoy

Automated Quizzes

Build quizzes by uploading textbooks and study guides into the AI engine, and it will generate the questions for you.

Choose from multiple choice pop quizzes or open-ended assessments!

AI-Powered Tutoring and Coaching

Set up learning objectives on a particular subject matter and provide adaptive learning with an AI tutor and coach. Experience the ease of engaging learners.

AI-Powered Marker

Simply upload or formulate your answers into Noodle Factory and our AI engine will be able to mark and assess students’ topic competencies. 

Personalised feedback based on individual scores will be provided to the learner in order to help them with their understanding.

engage students round the clock

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