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Learning made simpler

Learn more about how the platform works and the capabilities you can take advantage of with Noodle Factory – regardless of whether you’re an educator or business owner. 

How it works

Step 1 - Drop any file content

Drag and Drop 

Train your bot instantly by simply dragging and dropping your content in any document format.


Let our AI algorithm work its magic as it reads through your documents predicts users’ questions and answers for you. Oh, and did we say INSTANTLY?
step 2 - ai engine magic
step 3 - instant conversation

Engage & Learn 

Your learning chatbot is ready to be launched!

With our AI engine, you can be assured that it can handle thousands of user intents and become smarter over time with every interaction to provide your users with the best learning experience.

Actionable Insights

Get to the heart of the matter with instant reports, user feedback and usage trends.

With realtime data analysis from actual user conversations, gain insights on how to further enhance the learning experience. 

Discover Our Capabilities For...

Corporate Learning
Other Use Cases - Customer Service Officer
Other Non-Learning Cases

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