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AI-Powered teaching assistants.

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Your AI-Powered Teaching Assistant

Walter is a unique AI teaching assistant that can provide adaptive tutoring, exam prep, create and grade assessments. In fact, Walter can help teachers save over 400 hours a year! That is more than a 10 full day’s work! And because everything is digitized, you have lots of useful data at your fingertips.

Analyse learner activity, identify gaps and students at risk and take action. How does it work? Remember what we said about making it so easy that anyone could do it. Well it’s what we did.


For Teachers

As a teacher, whilst you are preparing for classes, you can simply drop in their course notes, slides, worksheets into the Noodle Factory platform.

We use an AI engine that has been trained to scan through documents and extract the meaning – just like a human – which then proceeds to generate a tutoring knowledge base that students can interact with via chat.

This AI engine is also used to generate assessments automatically, and also to grade open-ended questions


For Students

For students, they get to engage in interactive dialogue, and have personalised one-on-one tutoring – both of which are well-known educational approaches that promote effective learning.

BUT all this is going on without needing the teacher involved.

Personalised tutoring, exam preps and assessments AT SCALE.

Creating Superheroes at School of Health Sciences, Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

With the School of Health Sciences, we've explored ways on how the school can use the Noodle Factory AI Teaching Assistant platform as an AI tutor and AI marker to enhance students' learning and lecturers' productivity.


What Can Walter Do?

Smart Tutor

Exam Prep: Ensure students can efficiently practise for exam. Adaptive Tutoring: Allow students to learn at their own pace.

Teacher's Assistant

Automate Assessments: Aid educators to create and auto-mark MCQs and short answer questions.
Answer FAQs: Excellent in explaining concepts and providing definitions.

Support Facilitator

Admin Support: Led the communication to students and parents.

Course Consultant

Course Matching: Highly competent in matching courses for students.

Learning Can Get Smarter

while you nap



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