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Media Release

Podcast – AI Singapore 

Right before the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns, we were invited to do a podcast with AI Singapore.

I’m not normally a chatty person (that’s why I love chatbots, because they can do all the talking!), but it was lots of fun. 

Founder Spotlight

Our cool corporate accountants, Sleek did this founder spotlight video on us! We love it. 

Hungry Co-Founder Pitch

Another reason we are called Noodle Factory is that we really love to eat noodles and one of us is always hungry (pun intended!).

Here’s the pitch video we submitted for she1K’s C-Shark Tank Season 1, where we got into the final 10. 


Noodle Factory Founders 

Hello! This is us. 

Press Release

Partnerships Beyond Borders

In June of this year, joined a tribe … IoT Tribe. They have a programme called “London Tech Calling”, that is designed to help Singaporean companies expand into the UK market. We are so happy to announce that we’ve signed with a UK-based partner, whom we are confident can help us scale new heights.

Partners Make the World Go Round

The world is getting smaller, especially with technology to connect us even when we are far apart. On the same token, we believe that partnerships are very important, so it can bring best-of-breed solutions and value to our customers. We were thrilled to have our first major partnership win with our partner in Singapore, ACA Pacific.


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