The world is getting smaller, especially with technology to connect us even when we are far apart. On the same token, we believe that partnerships are very important, so it can bring best-of-breed solutions and value to our customers. Recently, we were thrilled to have our first major partnership win with our partner in Singapore, ACA Pacific!

Check out our official press release below:

ACA Pacific Technology and Noodle Factory Announce First Partnership Win with Innovative Learning Solution

ACA Pacific Technology Group and Noodle Factory announce their first major joint win with an innovative learning solution for an institute of higher learning in Singapore.

ACA Pacific Technology Group is an established Regional Value-Added Distribution Company since 1986, and has been serving the Asia-Pacific region for more than 30 years. In September 2019, ACA Pacific Technology Group signed a distribution agreement with Noodle Factory, an AI-powered chat platform. Initial partnership activities were hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the pandemic also created a pressing need for more engaging, digital forms of interaction.

Noodle Factory provides an instant conversational AI platform, that is built for content-rich environments, enabling businesses and schools to setup AI-powered chat in minutes.

The joint win is a showcase for how artificial intelligence can be used to assist educators, whilst continuing to keep learners engaged. The rollout will enable over 1000 students to receive personalised virtual tutoring based on their own needs and abilities.

The ACA Pacific Technology Group and Noodle Factory partnership provides a best-of-breed solution to customers, with ACA Pacific Technology Group’s extensive experience working with local companies and government agencies, and Noodle Factory’s focus on harnessing the power of AI to help educators and teams work faster and smarter.

“We are excited to partner with Noodle Factory in Singapore,” said Craig Gledhill, CEO of ACA Pacific Technology Group. “It’s clear that businesses in Singapore would be keen to adopt AI solutions that help maintain the interaction with their clients. Noodle Factory’s AI chatbot would allow businesses to be armed with an added advantage”.

“We are delighted to have ACA Pacific as our distribution partner in Singapore. They have been in the technology scene for a long time, and have worked with many different technology partners. They are trusted amongst customers so this has opened doors for us too,” Yvonne Soh, CEO of Noodle Factory.