Tertiary Education Like Never Before

Now, educators can do more online with
virtual teaching assistants.

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pursued Higher Education through online courses in 2020


Online Education is here to stay

This figure will continually rise as the age group attending universities and colleges today are increasingly tech-savvy.

we don't replace existing systems

We Optimise Workflows

No need to worry about revamping entire learning ecosystems. Our virtual teaching assistants are designed to integrate with your Learning Management Systems (LMS) and e-learning platforms.

Using Microsoft Teams to communicate with students and the teaching faculty? Optimise Teams further by integrating your virtual assistants into the platform.

meet walter

Your Virtual Teaching Assistant

Built with a unique AI engine, Walter is great for…

He is also passionate about engaging students.


What Can Walter Do?

Smart Tutor

Exam Prep: Ensure students can efficiently practise for exam. Adaptive Tutoring: Allow students to learn at their own pace.

Teacher's Assistant

Automate Assessments: Aid educators to create and auto-mark MCQs and short answer questions.
Answer FAQs: Excellent in explaining concepts and providing definitions.

Support Facilitator

Admin Support: Led the communication to students and parents.

Course Consultant

Course Matching: Highly competent in matching courses for students.

Learning Can Get Smarter

while you nap


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