AI-Powered Automation

Conversational AI can better engage your users. Your users could be your customers, your employees, your teams, your students .... Imagine if you could engage them anytime, anywhere, automatically.


Simply drag and drop

 Product brochures, instruction manuals, websites, FAQs, training slides, policy documents... just drag and drop your documents (in any format!) onto our platform and your chatbot learns the information instantly.


Instant conversations

Our algorithm automagically reads through the documents and predicts user questions and answers, so that your users can start engaging with the content via chat. 

It's simply magic!


Analyse anytime

Our instant reports provide real-time analysis on usage trends, conversation logs, user feedback and improvement areas.

So you can always provide the best user experience!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How can you help me?

Imagine being able to share and retrieve information instantly. It greatly simplifies the process of setting up your chatbot as you do not need to pre-program a lot of intents or workflows.

Q: how secure is your platform?

Appropriate authentication with secure login credentials and privacy-enhanced protocols are in place to ensure that the platform remains highly secured and encrypted.

Q: How different are you from other chatbots?

Simply put, there is no need to set up any workflow. Using machine learning, the process is completely automated.

Q: What AI (Artificial Intelligence) do you have?

We have a unique algorithm that has been trained for document comprehension using a large dataset.

Q: can you integrate with other platforms?

Yes, APIs (Application Programming Interface) will be provided to allow the platforms to communicate with each other.

Q: How long does it take to train the chatbot?

Simply upload documents and the chatbot will be trained instantly. 

Q: are there conversation logs?

Yes, real-time reports including conversation logs can be easily downloaded from the admin panel. 

Q: why are you called noodle factory?

'Noodles' are sometimes used as a slang for 'brains'. We hope to help you develop the noodles in your head.