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Now, educators can do more with AI teaching assistants
“I love spending time away from teaching to get menial, repetitive tasks done”
Said No One Ever
Avid Educator
It’s Hard to Be an Educator
COVID-19 pandemic has caused great disruption in schooling around the world. In post-pandemic education, teachers find themselves swamped with more work, and it is challenging for them to scale what they do. In 2020, 80% of teachers admitted that workload is demanding.

What if AI could be used to augment and assist teachers to do tutoring, assessments, and exam prep? And what if it was so easy to use that anybody could do it?

Meet Walter. Your AI teaching assistant.
Meet Walter
Walter is a unique AI teaching assistant that can provide adaptive tutoring, exam prep, create and grade assessments at SCALE. In fact, Walter can help teachers save over 400 hours a year! And because everything is digitised, you have lots of useful data analytics at your fingertips.

Benefits of Tech-Enhanced Learning

A Win-Win Formula
Great for Educators
Improve student performance by scaling tutoring and exam prep.

We use an AI engine that is trained to scan through documents and extract the meaning – just like a human – which then proceeds to generate a tutoring knowledge base that students can interact with.

This AI engine is also used to generate assessments automatically, and also to grade open-ended questions.
Better for Students
Students get INSTANT and personalised feedback, which helps with knowledge retention and learning efficacy.

Students also receive AI tutoring that is adapted to their individual needs.
“I wish there was a better way I could keep employees engaged and improve their learning.”
Said L&D Lenny
Adult Learning
It can be difficult to keep employees motivated to learn due to competing priorities. Yet, an effective learning and development programme is essential to improving employee productivity and performance.

What if AI could be used to provide a personalised learning experience for your employees so that they get the info they need, when they need it?

Meet Winnie. Your AI Learning and Development assistant.
Introducing Winnie
Winnie is a one-of-a-kind AI Learning and Development specialist that provides just-in-time learning and better employee engagement.

Corporate Roles

What Can Winnie Do?
Whatever the role it is, Winnie does it better.
Learning and Development
Optimise training programmes and existing learning resources by providing personalised just-in-time learning.
Provide a consistent onboarding experience for all your new hires with an AI-powered onboarding assistant.
Ensure that employees stay informed about company policies.
Sales Enablement
Improve sales effectiveness through adaptive learning and practice.
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