Empower Workforces Worldwide with Leading-Edge Learning Technology

At Noodle Factory, we're reshaping the future of professional development and corporate training. As a business solution partner, your organisation will be instrumental in integrating our AI-powered learning platform into businesses globally, driving skill enhancement and organisational growth.

Are Your Our Next Business Solution Partner?

We’re searching for partners who are:

training provider

Training providers giving learners access to top-tier, innovative resources

consultancy firm

HR Consultancy firms seeking to revolutionise how workforce education and development is approached

tech resellers

Technology resellers specialised in delivering groundbreaking L&D solutions

Why Choose to Partner with Noodle Factory?

Redefine Training

Transform outdated methods with our AI-enhanced, custom learning experiences.

Recurring Revenue Streams

Grow with predictable income via incentives from our valuable platform.

Gain Competitive Edge

Equip clients with advanced educational tech, pushing them to industry forefronts.

Seamless Integration

Smoothly integrate our platform with existing systems, ensuring effortless transition and adoption for all clients.

Lead with Innovation

Be at the forefront with breakthrough learning technologies equipping clients with tools for growth and improvement.


Partner Spotlight: Navarro & Associates

Proudly featuring Navarro & Associates, our distinguished reseller partner, who plays a pivotal role in weaving our AI solutions into the fabric of global businesses. Their dedication to pushing the boundaries of workforce education through innovation sets them apart. Discover the synergy between Noodle Factory and Navarro & Associates in the video below.

Become a Business Solution Partner Today

Fill out the form on this page to express your interest in becoming a Business Solution Partner. Our team will evaluate your submission and get in touch to explore how our visions can come together to shape the future of corporate learning.

Business Solution Partner FAQs

Got Questions?

We've collated some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our Business Solution Partner program right here.

What is the Business Solution Partner program?

Our Business Solution Partner program connects Noodle Factory with training providers, HR consultancy firms, and technology resellers to equip businesses worldwide with our comprehensive, AI-driven learning platform.

What are the requirements for joining as a Business Solution Partner?

We're looking for partners with a successful track record in providing learning and development solutions, especially those with experience in integrating innovative learning technologies in a corporate setting.

How can our organisation become a Business Solution Partner?

To join us as a Business Solution Partner, please fill out the form on this page. Our team will review your application and get in touch to discuss how we can revolutionise the professional learning landscape together.

How do we contact you for more information?

If you've got more questions about our Business Solution Partner program or need further assistance, feel free to send an email to We're always ready to connect with you!