Instructional Design for
Chat-Based Learning

Teaching is not just about content; it’s about connection. To paraphrase the way that Nerantzi and Beckingham (2015) characterised the ongoing evolution of digital pedagogy, novel approaches are necessary for successful teaching and learning in the digital age. Firstly, we need to connect and communicate with students in innovative ways. As educators, we need to feel comfortable curating our curricula via new tools and platforms to meet our students where they are. We also need to leverage digital capabilities in service of our emerging digital pedagogy in ways that foster collaboration and creativity. 

Join us for this novel workshop on how you can effectively design chat-based learning for your students. This workshop will include a practical, hands-on session where you will build a chat-based learning course. 

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Duration: 4 hours 

Format: Online via Zoom 

Recommended for: 
Educators and instructional designers who are looking to create an interactive and engaging learning experience via chat 


  • Introduction to chat-based learning 
  • Instructional design approaches to chat-based learning 
  • Teaching and learning in chat-based environments
  • How to assess learning engagement and efficacy
  • Innovations in chat-based learning made possible by models like GPT-3
  • Hands-on course design 
  • Discussion and review

Dr. Jim Wagstaff

Dr Jim Wagstaff is an educator and entrepreneur who specialises in digital pedagogy and the application of AI in teaching and learning. He co-founded Noodle Factory, an AI-driven powered teaching assistant, in 2018. His career began in technology, serving in executive roles at Dell Technologies, Brocade Communications, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Jim holds master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Liverpool, where his research focuses on applying digital capabilities in education. He collaborates extensively with schools and organisations, advising on the application of generative AI in teaching and learning, emphasising the impact of AI in education.


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