AI-Powered Teaching Assistance at Your Fingertips

Noodle Factory provides the ultimate AI assistant, making teaching more efficient and learning more engaging, and fun.

AI-Powered Teaching and Learning at Your Fingertips

Revamping education and corporate learning with a touch of AI magic! Elevate education and corporate learning with an AI assistant that makes the process personalised, efficient, and engaging.

Transform Teaching and Learning with Noodle Factory

Tailored Knowledge

Tailored Knowledge

Dive into a learning journey where AI transforms your content into an interactive, knowledgeable teaching assistant, spot-on with your curriculum.

speak everyone_s language-1

Speak Globally

Elevate your content with the ability to translate into over 180 languages, giving your materials unimaginable reach and impact.

ready set sync

Ready, Set, Sync!

Connect with the top learning management systems and messaging interfaces smoothly, whether at work or in school.

safety first

Safety First

Rely on our top-tier AWS-powered infrastructure for secure and ISO27001 certified AI experiences in any organisation or school setting.

Discover What’s Possible in Education, Business, and Beyond

For Education

  • Dynamic AI Companions: Transform classrooms with personalised AI buddies.

  • Empowerment for Educators: Free teachers from routine tasks, enhancing their teaching.

  • Skills of Tomorrow: Equip students with vital future skills.


For Businesses

  • Accelerate Skills: Boost your team’s capabilities with AI-driven training.

  • Boost Engagement: Energize professional development to inspire your workforce.

  • Efficient Training Integration: Incorporate AI learning seamlessly into daily operations.


For Partners

  • Smooth Integrations: Easily integrate our AI solutions into your offerings.

  • Support for Success: Leverage our comprehensive support for your clients.

  • Widen Your Impact: Join us in transforming learning and development.


Latest Innovations Customers Love!

contextual learning

📘 Contextualised Learning Conversations

  • Quick Benefit: Streamline engagement by adapting discussions to individual learning paths.

  • Feature: Integrates dynamic conversation prompts based on student responses, cultivating deeper understanding and critical thinking.

📘 Rubric-Based AI Grading & Feedback

  • Quick Benefit: Increase learning outcomes with enhanced, personalized feedback.

  • Feature: Uses your custom rubric to evaluate learners' responses, providing tailored feedback for improvement.

rubric based AI grading

"While it may require some initial effort, the benefits for both educators and students are substantial. It enhances student engagement, encourages active learning, and contributes to higher-order thinking. Ultimately, Walter empowers educators to create a more interactive and efficient learning environment."

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Dr Vino - rounded

Dr Vinothini Vasodavan

Lecturer | School of Education, Taylor's University

"Walter has been a game-changer for the University of London, marking a pioneering step in harnessing AI to meet modern educational demands and significantly enhancing student engagement and learning outcomes."

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university of London uol

University of London

For their 2023 Gartner Eye on Innovation Awards for Education |

"Students will be able to ‘web chat’ with ‘Walter’ -  which acts as a personalised tutor, and receive immediate answers to their questions. Lecturers can also monitor students’ individual learning progress real-time with data and analytics gathered by ‘Walter’, and provide prompt feedback to address any learning needs."

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Low Khah Gek

CEO | Institute of Technical Education, Singapore


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It’s all aBOT empowering the teachers and enhancing the learning experience

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