AI Prompt Engineering for Education: Hands-On Workshop

Welcome to a new era of teaching, research and automation! This dynamic workshop delves into the world of AI and its transformative impact on education. Through hands-on learning and insightful discussions, educators will discover the art of prompt engineering, leveraging the incredible capabilities of ChatGPT to create interactive and engaging learning experiences.
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What You Will Learn

1. Overview of AI and GPTs

Embark on a journey through the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and gain a deeper understanding of Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs). Explore the evolution of AI and its relevance in today's educational landscape.

2. Generative AI in Teaching and Learning 

Uncover how Generative AI is revolutionising teaching methodologies. Learn how to craft personalised content, generate interactive learning materials, and foster dynamic student engagement.

3. Automation with GPTs

Experience the power of automation in educational tasks. Discover how GPTs can assist in streamlining administrative processes, grading assignments, and providing instant feedback.

4. Advanced Prompt Engineering

Master the art of crafting prompts that yield desired responses. Dive into advanced techniques to fine-tune interactions and achieve specific educational objectives effectively.

5. GPTs in Research

Explore the intersection of AI and research in education. Learn how GPTs can aid in data analysis, literature reviews, and hypothesis generation, revolutionizing the research landscape.

6. Critical Evaluation of AI Models

Develop the skills to critically assess AI models and their ethical implications. Navigate the responsible use of AI in education, addressing potential biases and ensuring fairness.

7. Future Trends

Peer into the horizon of AI in education. Gain insights into emerging trends, such as AI-powered personalised learning, virtual teaching assistants, and immersive educational experiences.

Who Should Attend?

Educators, curriculum designers, and education enthusiasts seeking to integrate cutting-edge AI technologies into their teaching strategies and elevate the learning journey.

Course Format 

Duration: 4 hours

We offer different options to suit your needs:

  • Online workshop (instructor-led)
  • Classroom (in-person)
  • Customised (onsite)

Dr. Jim Wagstaff

Dr Jim Wagstaff is an educator and entrepreneur who specialises in digital pedagogy and the application of AI in teaching and learning. He co-founded Noodle Factory, an AI-driven powered teaching assistant, in 2018. His career began in technology, serving in executive roles at Dell Technologies, Brocade Communications, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Jim holds master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Liverpool, where his research focuses on applying digital capabilities in education. He collaborates extensively with schools and organisations, advising on the application of generative AI in teaching and learning, emphasising the impact of AI in education.

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