Where AI Elevates Your Business Through Advanced Learning

Unlock the potential of your workforce with Walter+, your AI-powered assistant designed to redefine learning and development in your organisation. By leveraging AI, we transcend conventional training methods to turbocharge productivity and drive tangible results across your teams, courtesy of our AI-powered learning companion.

Versatile Use Cases

Walter+ stands out with its broad spectrum of applications, seamlessly integrating into various aspects of your business to foster growth and learning. Discover how this multifaceted tool tailors solutions to meet the unique needs of your team.
sticky learning-1

Extend learning stickiness post training workshops

coaching mentoring

Coaching and mentoring



compliance training

Compliance Training

product training

Product Training

sales enablement

Sales Enablement

proposal building

Proposal Building

Platform Features

  • Content-Driven Outcomes

  • AI Workplace Dialogues

  • Language Inclusivity

  • Innovative Feedback

  • Flexible Assessments

Drive Business Outcomes With Your Exclusive Content

Ignite the journey to enhanced productivity with your unique content. Providing Walter the access to your content allows it to weave an engaging, customised experience voiced by your business context.

Conversational AI Empowers Workplace Engagement

Leverage AI to create dialogues that resonate with the work content. Walter's intelligence surpasses pre-built answers to fashion interactive conversations that engage and foster learning, liberating leaders from the chore of manually crafting each dialogue.

Breaking Language Hurdles and Propelling Thoughtful Learning

Multilingual Support: With Walter's prowess in conversing in over 110 languages, we deliver a valuable user experience to employees worldwide.

Mindful Assistance: Walter respects every employee's unique learning curve while cultivating critical thinking and problem-solving, providing a supportive presence without supplying outright answers.

Real-Time Analytics

Live Performance Monitoring: Track your team's progress with real-time data from their interactions with Walter. Acquire insights into individual strengths and areas for improvement to fine-tune your business strategy.

Flexible Assessments

From standard multiple-choice responses to in-depth essay evaluations, Walter allows businesses to establish grading standards that align with their goals and key performance indicators.


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