Welcome to Next-Level Business Learning with Walter – Your AI Companion

Unlock the full potential of your team with Walter, the AI-powered assistant that's transforming learning and development. By integrating AI, we move beyond traditional training, skyrocketing productivity and producing measurable outcomes.

Transform Training and Development

Walter isn’t just another tool; it’s the future of workplace learning:
sticky learning-1

Hands on Learning

Extend learning stickiness post-training workshops, ensuring lasting impact.

coaching mentoring

Continuous Coaching

Provide ongoing, individualised development at scale to elevate your team’s skills.


Streamlined Onboarding

Accelerate new hire ramp-up with interactive support.

compliance training

Customised Compliance

Automated updates keep you ahead of industry regulations seamlessly.

product training

Product Proficiency

Equip your team with deep product knowledge, directly from Walter.

sales enablement

Enhanced Proposals

Create persuasive proposals with the help of AI insights.

Key Features That Make Walter Stand Out

contextual learning

Conversational AI for Enhanced Engagement:

With Walter's cutting-edge AI, experience dialogues that do more than just answer questions. They engage, converse, and stimulate learning, freeing leaders from the time-consuming task of scripting each interaction.


Multilingual Support Bridging Language Barriers

Walter's proficiency in over 180 languages ensures a comprehensive and inclusive learning experience for employees across the globe, fully embracing diversity and promoting unity.


multi language

AI-Powered Proposal Building

Facilitate employees with an AI assistant that helps craft personalized reports adhering to company standards, streamlining the proposal development process and upholding quality.


Interested in how Walter can optimise your business initiatives?

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