Responsible Use of AI in Education

1.0 Introduction

Noodle Factory, an AI-powered education platform, recognises the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in education and its ethical implications. This policy outlines our commitment to the responsible use of AI across all our applications, supporting the enhancement of education while maintaining strict ethical and fair practices.

2.0 Purpose

This policy seeks to harness AI's potential to augment education, not replace human educators. We aim to ensure responsible and ethical AI use that aligns with legal requirements and promotes the best interests of our stakeholders.

3.0 Principles
3.1 User Empowerment

Our products are designed to empower users by providing them with control over how their data is utilised. Users retain the ability to manage, modify, or delete their data, ensuring a personalised and transparent experience.

3.2 AI as Assistant, Not Decision-Maker

Noodle Factory's AI technology is deployed as an assistant, dedicated to facilitating specific tasks and enhancing user experiences. It is not intended to replace human decision-making but rather to augment human capabilities, offering valuable support while preserving the primacy of human judgment.

3.3 Educator-Curated Content

Our AI systems work in tandem with educators to curate content and learning experiences. Human expertise is fundamental in shaping the educational landscape, ensuring that AI recommendations align with pedagogical principles and educational goals.

3.4 Transparent Functionality

Noodle Factory is committed to providing clear and understandable explanations of how our AI systems operate. We strive to demystify the technology, making it accessible and comprehensible for users and educators alike.

3.5 Privacy

Respecting user privacy, we will only collect and process data necessary for its intended purpose while maintaining a legal basis for processing, as permitted (e.g. under GDPR). We will ensure that data is accurate, up-to-date, and stored only as long as necessary. We commit to offering users the right to access, correct, and delete their personal data, strengthening our commitment to privacy.

3.6 Security

Maintaining stringent security measures, we protect user data from unauthorised access or breaches. We will promptly notify individuals and relevant data protection authorities of any data breaches that pose a high risk to their rights and freedoms, thereby ensuring integrity and confidentiality.


4.0 Responsible AI Practices

4.1 Quality Control

We will enhance learning by personalising instruction and automating repetitive tasks with our AI tools. This allows educators to focus more on strategic aspects of teaching. Quality assurance measures will ensure the reliability and validity of our AI systems, ensuring continued learning enhancement.

4.2 Prohibition on Training Large Language Models

Noodle Factory affirms that client data will never be utilised for training large language models or any other artificial intelligence models that are not directly related to the client's specified use case and for any other client. We are committed to ensuring that client data is not repurposed for broader AI research or development.

4.3 User-Generated Content

Noodle Factory does not claim any intellectual property rights over the content clients provide on the platform. Clients retain full ownership of the content and any intellectual property rights associated with it.

4.4 Ongoing Monitoring

We commit to continually monitoring AI usage in our products and services to safeguard fair and equitable practices, promptly addressing any anomalies that may arise.

5.0 Education and Training

We will offer clear and comprehensive information about AI's use in our products and services, along with training and support for users to foster an environment of digital literacy.

6.0 Review and Updates

As AI technology evolves, we will regularly review and update this policy to ensure its relevancy and effectiveness in maintaining responsible AI use.

7.0 Conclusion

Noodle Factory is committed to using AI ethically and responsibly in educational settings. We believe that responsible AI use can greatly enhance the educational experience and provide equitable access to quality education.

8.0 Questions and Feedback

Your questions and feedback about this policy are valuable to us. Please contact us at with any queries or comments that you might have.