Elevate Your Training Impact with AI

At Noodle Factory, we understand the transformative power of AI in enhancing learning and development. Through our innovative AI-powered platform, we aim to equip training providers with advanced tools to not only enrich their curriculum but also accelerate the adoption of crucial skills and competencies. Discover how partnering with us can set your training programs apart.


Supercharge Your Training with AI

What’s the secret behind the success of leading enterprises today? They’ve unlocked the next level of performance by integrating cutting-edge large language model (LLM) tools into their training programs. 

These companies are selecting training providers who integrate LLMs into their curriculum to accelerate learning and development.


Facing the Challenge Head-On

Are high costs and prolonged development cycles dimming your innovative spark? You're not alone. Many training providers are searching for a viable solution to enhance their curriculums without breaking the bank or losing precious time.


Our Innovative Platform: Your New Secret Weapon

Our platform leverages the power of large language models to transform the learning experience. It’s designed not just to supplement but to revolutionise the way training is delivered:


Personalised Mentoring

Tailored guidance that meets each learner at their point of need.

Instant Feedback

Real-time responses to queries and submissions, accelerating the learning curve.

Detailed Analytics

Insightful data that shines a light on progress, engagement, and areas for improvement.

Multilingual Support

Break language barriers with content available in 180 languages, making learning accessible globally.


Proven Success, Unparalleled Growth

Our collaboration with training providers has already turned heads. One such partner more than doubled their program delivery capacity from 40 to 90 programs per year! This leap was not merely in numbers but also in the quality and engagement of their training, setting a new benchmark for excellence.

Your Journey to Becoming a Training Provider Partner

We are in search of innovative training providers keen on transforming their offerings with AI. Ideal partners are:

training provider

Committed to Curriculum Innovation: Incorporating LLMs to foster rapid skill development.

consultancy firm

Determined to Enhance Competencies: Focused on accelerating essential skills acquisition.

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Training Provider Partner FAQs

Got Questions?

We've collated some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our Training Provider Partner program right here.

What are the benefits for becoming a Training Provider Partner?

Partnering with us means unlocking new opportunities for growth and success in the competitive training market. Firstly, you can set yourself apart by integrating innovative technology into your offerings, enhancing the learning experience for your clients. Secondly, gain access to a new recurring revenue stream through subscriptions to our platform, ensuring steady income growth. Lastly, extend the efficacy of your training programs beyond one-off workshops, promoting continuous learning and skills development among your clients.

What are the requirements for becoming a Training Provider Partner?

We are on the lookout for dynamic training providers eager to supercharge their curriculum with innovative AI tools. Ideal partners should be committed to transforming their offerings by leveraging technology to extend learning efficacy.

How can my organisation become a Training Provider Partner?

Fill out the partnership form available on this page. Our team will evaluate your application to identify synergy and explore ways to elevate your training programs leveraging our platform.

How do we contact you if we need more information?

Should you require further details about our Training Provider Partner Program or have specific queries, please reach out to us at