Introducing Noodle Factory on AWS

At Noodle Factory, we're not just experts in crafting AI-driven educational experiences—we're also officially recognised as an AWS Qualified Software Partner and Public Sector Partner. We pledge security, reliability, and our deep expertise in enriching the educational landscape.

Our crowning moment? Bagging the APJ Design Partner of the Year Award at AWS re:Invent 2023, a testament to our unfaltering dedication to innovation in AI education.

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AI-assisted, Educator-curated

Our AI assistant capitalises on AWS's outstanding machine learning and AI capabilities, simulating teacher-student interactions and empowering educators to craft personalised learning experiences quickly and effectively.

Noodle Factory and AWS: A Perfect Synergy

Our partnership with AWS ensures a steadfast, scalable platform that delivers engaging and custom educational experiences globally. Our shared commitment? Revolutionising education.

Stand-out Features

machine learning icon

Machine Learning & AI

Revamp your educational experience with AWS’s Kendra, SageMaker, Translate services that ensure enhanced search experiences, quick ML model deployment, text analysis, real-time translation, and efficient document processing.

network and security

Networking & Security

Trust in Noodle Factory's security, backed by AWS's networking solutions such as Elastic Load Balancing, Route 53, Security Hub, KMS, and Secrets Manager, ensuring high availability, reliable domain registration, and uncompromising data security.

Now, stepping into a brighter future, Noodle Factory is proud to be part of the AWS ISV Accelerate Program. This inclusion not only signifies our dedication to delivering top-notch educational solutions but also enhances our ability to innovate and expand our offerings through collaborative opportunities with AWS.

Together with AWS, Noodle Factory is transforming education by redefining personalisation and creating unique, meaningful teaching and learning experiences for all.