Instant AI-Powered Chat

Engage your customers and users better using intelligent AI-powered chat.

Our conversational AI platform uses a unique algorithm to automagically curate unstructured content into conversations. This means that you can easily set up conversational bots for your website, intranet, learning sites, classroom ..... all in minutes. 


How It Works


Simply drag and drop

 Product brochures, instruction manuals, websites, FAQs, training slides, policy documents... just drag and drop your documents (in any format!) onto our platform and your chatbot learns the information instantly.


Instant conversations

Our algorithm automagically reads through the documents and predicts user questions and answers, so that your users can start engaging with the content via chat. 

It's simply magic!


Analyse anytime

Our instant reports provide real-time analysis on usage trends, conversation logs, user feedback and improvement areas.

So you can always provide the best user experience!


How You Can Use It


Customer Service

 Engage your customers via chat 24/7. Whether it's for support, sales enquiries, product and service information .... we got your covered.


Information Management

Are your users overloaded with information? Sometimes they just need to to chat with someone to get answers to questions.



It's not easy being new. Get your new hires up to speed quickly - all they need to do is chat with a virtual mentor.


Teacher's Assistant

Everyone needs a little help sometimes, both in and out of the classroom. Give your students a way to engage via chat to get all the answers they need. 

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