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A chat-based environment that promotes
self-directed learning and optimises learning outcomes.

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How does it work?

Personalise learning experiences with an all-in-one C.H.A.T. platform.

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Convey important information like homework, logistics, assignments and tests instantly.

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Provide round-the-clock learner support - answer FAQs, admin support, help learners navigate learning systems.

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Run assessments and pop quizzes directly from the chat interface to keep learners engaged.

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Provide personalised tutoring and mentoring with human-like interaction.

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Get Up & Running In Minutes

Human-like interactions that optimise learning.
Get started in just a few easy steps.

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Prep for Classes

Gather your content, such as course notes, slides and worksheets. Prep for your classes as normally would.

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Step 02

Instant Setup

Drag and drop your documents onto Noodle Factory and let our AI engine work its magic!

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Step 03

Instant Knowledge Base

A knowledge base is setup in minutes, and students can start engaging with the knowledge base via conversations.

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Step 04


Track usage patterns, learner engagement and assessments scores so as to continually be able to improve learning programmes.

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Better Learning Outcomes

With a chat-based learning environment, students can nurture in a space where independent learning is both engaging and catered to their learning progress. Educators can spend less time on admin tasks like marking and more time on providing a more holistic teaching experience to students.



Experience Smarter Learning

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I love spending time away from teaching to get menial, repetitive admin tasks done


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